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Our ambassadors work alongside us to share the Foundation’s values
with the public and promote a positive economy.

They put their public image at the service of the Foundation, and thanks to them we can raise the public’s awareness for our cause and inspire them to help create a fairer world for future generations. The support of these strong personalities and positive economy players is precious to us, and we thank them for their involvement.

There tonight in support of Positive Planet!  Happy that I could be supportive and also recognise those who do this work.

– Usher



Positive cinema is cinema that serves a purpose, cinema that potentially advances causes (...), that talks about injustice, that's why I'm supporting Positive Planet this evening.

-Vincent Cassel

There are programmes where you invent something with the people on the ground, to help them to develop an industry or a trade. So […] you are really useful.

– Carole Bouquet



I am here just for Positive Planet because their actions move me. This foundation gives people dignity without making them helpless. It helps them to find a trade, to build their own businesses. It's a noble cause.

– Nathalie Baye

I've been doing this job for 30 years, and for 30 years I've been making choices that work towards a cinema that observes, that denounces, that breaks down barriers, that talks about discrimination, fanaticism, the planet that we are destroying, the borders that we are closing. Tonight, this Foundation proves that it has a vital role to play, that we all have a role to play, and that's a wonderful exchange.

-Emmanuelle Béart, Ambassador for the 2016 Positive Cinema Week



Cinema can convey emotions like nothing else. It applies to everyone and it affects everyone, regardless of social class, age or country. Whether it makes us laugh, cry or dream, its role is also to educate us, to condemn injustices, and to change mentalities by sharing and advocating universal human values.

– Dominique Farrugia, President of the 2016 Positive Cinema Week

Finding hope and dignity through autonomy, that's what Positive Planet accomplishes by giving a marvellous helping hand to ambitions and dreams.

– Sonia Rolland



I support Positive Planet because the human being is always at the heart of its work. Positive Planet's mission is to guide future generations towards a fairer, kinder world, where everyone can fulfil their potential. Positive Planet proves that social and economic difficulties are not inevitable, and that each individual can become the master of their own destiny.

– Anggun