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Become a partner

“Put your company at the service of future generations”

In order to successfully complete all of our operational missions and to carry forward our initiatives for the advocacy of a positive economy, we need partners who share our vision. We offer many partnership opportunities which allow you to work alongside us to create a positive society that will benefit future generations.

Financial Partnership

Join forces with Positive Planet’s projects and allow women and men to fulfil their potential. Our experts will guide you in choosing or setting up a project based on access to entrepreneurship, financial services or national and international markets that you wish to support, according to your interests and your line of business.

Probono Partnership/Skills-based sponsorship

Skills-based sponsorship, centred around your collaborators’ personal commitment and creative development, allows them to take part in useful work in the public interest. Allowing your collaborators to put their skills at the service of the Positive Planet Foundation capitalises on your company’s expertise while at the same time giving the Foundation the support it needs to achieve its projects.

Event Partner

In order to promote its activities and raise money for its initiatives, the Positive Planet Foundation organises communication and fundraising events throughout the year. The Foundation offers several partnership opportunities, whether it be financial, in kind or in exchange for visibility. 

Help us to organise events that will enable us to raise more money for our projects!

Different partnership options offer various advantages,
according to your objectives and the projects or events that you support.


Presence of your logo on our communication media
Partner testimonial on our communication media
Joint press conferences
Distribution of your communication media at our events


Invitation to Positive Planet Foundation events
Organisation of conferences in your company, with the attendance of Positive Planet teams and Jacques Attali

Participate and build together

Establishment of a dedicated project
Organisation of a field trip with the ambassador associated with the project
Speeches at our events
Organisation of in-house fundraising campaigns

They thank you



Marie-Antoinette Gallimard
Communications & Fundraising Manager
+ 33 1 41 25 27 13