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Major Donors

The major donors circle brings together the special donors that support Positive Planet with a regular and significant commitment.

The minimum contribution to become a major donor is €100,000 per year for three years.
The major donors circle is designed to be exclusive and there are never more than 10 members.

Why join the major donors circle?

Regular monitoring of projects

The Foundation guarantees that Major Donors will receive regular, personalised updates on the progress of the projects that they support. The aim of this monitoring is to show the evolution of these projects and their concrete effects:

  • Emails will be sent regularly
  • Field visits will also be offered as a possibility, accompanied by a member of the Positive Planet team. On this occasion, Major Donors will be able to meet the project's beneficiaries. The trip will also be filmed and photographed by a team of professionals.

Establishment of a bespoke philanthropic project

If a donation of over €300,000 is made, the Major Donor, with the guidance of our experts, will be able to choose the project that they wish to fund, according to their areas of interest. The Foundation also offers the possibility of attributing the donor's name to the project.


Names of Major Donors, as well as their testimonials, will be featured on the Positive Planet website, under the heading "They support us".

They will also be visible in brochures and on social networks, as well as during project promotion and at all events organised by Positive Planet.


The Foundation offers Major Donors the chance to join a privileged professional network and to attend unique events organised by the Positive Planet team, such as:

  • The Positive Cinema Week and Gala Dinner, at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Exceptional private dinners.
  • The Positive Awards in Paris that recognise and reward our beneficiaries' biggest successes
  • Major donors will also be invited to events coordinated by partners of the Foundation (according to availability)
  • The Foundation offers Major Donors the chance to meet other members of the circle, as well as Mr Jacques Attali.



Marie-Antoinette Gallimard
Communications & Fundraising Manager
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