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Donations are tax deductible, so a donation of 100€ comes to 34€ (-66%)

15 €
1 health insurance policy for a family of 7 people in Madagascar for 1 year

25 €
1 financial education programme for one person in West Africa

30 €
1 training course for a monitoring and support mentor for women in Cameroon in developing income-generating activities

70 €
10 new vine plants purchased by a winegrower in the Ararat region of Armenia

230 €
1 year of maintenance for a tractor in Armenia belonging to a small winegrower in the region of Tavush

1000 €
8 people trained in how to manage their agricultural operations in Myanmar

Thank you for your generosity


  • After donating, a tax receipt will be sent to you as soon as possible.
  • You are subject to income tax; you can deduct 66% of your donation within the limit of 20% of your taxable income with the possibility of repaying the excess over five years.
  • You are subject to solidarity tax on wealth; you can deduct 75% of your donation within the limit of €50,000.
  • You are subject to corporate tax, you can deduct 60% of your donation within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover (possibility of repaying over 5 years)


What is a bequest?

A bequest allows your assets to be passed on to one or several legatees after your death, through the execution of your will. You can bequeath all or part of your assets: sums of money, real estate, portfolio, etc. 

  • Universal legacy: You bequeath all of your assets.
  • Legacy by general title: You bequeath a type of asset, or a fraction of your estate, that you have indicated in your will.
  • Legacy by particular title: You bequeath a sum of money or a particular asset to the foundation.

Good to know: We are a recognised public interest foundation, so whatever you pass on to us is totally exempt from transfer and inheritance tax.

Bequest table2


Make a usufruct donation

What is a usufruct donation?

By making a usufruct donation, you can help during your lifetime, thanks to the income generated by your equity. Temporary usufruct donation concerns anything that generates income, for example, an investment portfolio or rental accommodation. 

This involves the donor temporarily ceding all income to Positive Planet. The main advantage of this donation is that it allows you to stop paying tax on the property and its income for a certain amount of time. In other words, for the duration of the donation, the value of the property donated in usufruct no longer falls within the scope of the solidarity tax on wealth, and any income is not subject to income tax.



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