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Positive Economy Advocacy

In parallel with our operational activities, we are developing our Positive Economy Advocacy division, which promotes positive economy through several publications, such as the Positive Book and the Positive Planet Atlas.

Furthermore, with indexes based on the positivity of countries, cities and companies, Positive Economy Advocacy considers altruism as a factor in the evaluation of how much the interest of future generations is taken into account.

The Foundation also organizes three key events to raise awareness of positive economy amongst as many people as possible.


Positive Forum

every year in Le Havre since 2012

Positive Economy Forum: World Positive Economy Forum

It’s an event that is open to everyone, and which aims to promote positive economy by bringing together players who work on a daily basis towards creating a more positive society in the interests of future generations. It’s a place for meetings and discussions between people from various backgrounds such as culture, business, charity…and citizens, who are the primary builders of this positive society.

The forum is organized into several themed sessions that host different speakers, as well as seminars and special evening events.


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To continue promoting positive economy amongst the general public, we have published the Positive Book and the Positive Atlas, which you can find in our e-shop.

Positive Book

The Positive Book aims to show that the world can be changed, by compiling the opinions of women and men who want to see the emergence of a fairer society. Heads of state, Nobel prize winners, scientists, artists and CEOs explain how a positive society can emerge if we act now.

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Positive Atlas

The Positive Atlas is a round-the-world tour of charitable initiatives, organized into ten broad areas, including health, agriculture, citizenship, education and finance. This Atlas shows that positive economy exists in all countries in extremely different ways and promotes actions that provide positive social and environmental solutions.

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Cinema inspires overwhelming emotions in every one of us

It is directed towards all of us, and affects all of us, regardless of age, gender or country. But cinema, as a witness of the present and the past, also examines the social and environmental challenges confronting us today. It can educate, criticize and change mentalities. For these reasons, it is vital to celebrate cinema that inspires us to make the changes needed for a more positive future. This is why the Positive Planet Foundation launched the Positive Cinema Week in 2016.

The Positive Cinema Week, launched by the Positive Planet Foundation in 2016, is organized each year at Cannes during the International Film Festival.

Thanks to a unique combination of feature-film screenings and a day of panel discussions, this event honors socially-committed films, which make us want to change the world. In order to celebrate the most inspiring films of the year, the Positive Cinema Awards are held during our annual Gala Dinner. They recognize socially-committed films in three categories: Best Documentary, Best Fiction and Best Film Debut.

Positive cinema is cinema that serves future generations, by offering solutions and raising awareness amongst today’s viewers, directly or indirectly, about the threats and promises that will confront humanity. It doesn’t just shine a light on these things: its mission is to make us want to take responsibility for our own lives.

Jacques Attali, Founder of the Positive Cinema Week and President of Positive Planet

Positive Planet Awards

Since 2008

Round-the-world tour of positive initiatives

In December each year the Positive Planet Awards recognize the determination, courage and drive of entrepreneurs from all over the world. At this unmissable positive economy event, Positive Planet Ambassadors and partner companies award several prizes honoring the most charitable initiatives across the globe. It is also a unique opportunity for our administrators, partners, supporters, collaborators and all positive economy stakeholders to meet and share their experiences.

Finally, it is the chance to celebrate everyone’s dedication to positive economy, with an exceptional performance from a musical artist committed to the cause.