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Volunteers Club

Thank you!

The Foundation team would like to thank its volunteers.

Each volunteer contributes their help according to their skills, their interests and their availability. Values like solidarity and sharing are paramount in creating a more positive society, and it’s thanks to their help that we will, together, manage to create a better world for better generations.

We make sure that volunteers’ experience is beneficial both for them and for us, so that everyone gets something out of this relationship.

Motivation and experience

For me, Positive Planet is about ‘helping future generations have the means to attain dignity without depending on charity’. This quote by Thierry Chamouton, General Secretary of Positive Planet, perfectly summarises the reasons behind my involvement with the NGO. I wanted to get involved in values and issues that are close to my heart, to make the world look more like how I want it to look. I see several advantages to volunteering: sharing my skills, as well as learning new ones, meeting committed, active actors…volunteering is also about recognising that not everything has a commercial value, and that donating and getting involved are other ways of flourishing and meeting other people!

Sandrine Benoist, HR volunteer

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