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What we do

Access to financial services

Supporting financial actors in order to create a healthy environment and infrastructures to stimulate the development of financial inclusion and access to financial services, such as microfinance, microinsurance or financial education.

Educating women in finance and savings in Cameroon, improving money transfer services in West Africa, creating private health insurance policies in Madagascar and providing new financial products are some of the projects implemented by Positive Planet in order to develop financial inclusion, and allow vulnerable populations to set up durable income-generating businesses.

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Access to entrepreneurship

Giving vulnerable populations the knowledge and skills they need to improve their confidence and develop their professional projects so that they may finally realise their full potential. By giving each individual the means to manage their own business, through raising awareness, lending support at the project design stage or facilitating access to funding, Positive Planet responds to high unemployment rates and contributes to the fight against poverty in a sustainable way. Entrepreneurs can now feed their families and send their children to school, giving them a better chance of finding a job when they grow up.

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Access to local and global markets

Creating win-win situations between businesses and producers, through the implementation of a sustainable buying strategy, centred around the creation of a collective economic structure. Positive Planet encourages private companies to support small producers in their economic activity by giving them access to a national or international market. When the producer meets the market, the virtuous circle of financial inclusion is set in motion, maximising the social impact of companies that participate in this scheme. 

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Our events

Promoting positive economy to as many people as possible

Positive Economy Forums

The Positive Economy forums are annual meeting events between positive economy players and citizens. They bring together all those who participate in positive economy and work in the interests of future generations. The Le Havre forum takes place in September, and the San Patrignano (Italy) forum is in April. Citizens have the chance to attend numerous events free of charge, including conferences, debates, meetings, cultural evenings…

Positive Planet Awards

The Positive Awards recognise and reward the success stories of beneficiaries of Positive Planet’s projects, but not just that. It’s one of the most important events in the promotion of worldwide entrepreneurship. During the ceremony, several prizes are awarded by Positive Planet ambassadors and partner companies in order to honour and reward the stories and testimonials of project participants.

Positive Cinema Week

The Positive Cinema Week takes place in Cannes during the International Film Festival. Over the course of the week, socially-committed films, or films that make you want to change the world, are screened in Cannes as well as on partner television channels (TV5 Monde and Arte in 2016). A morning of conferences is organised with discussions between cinema professionals and people dedicated to creating a fairer world. Finally, it is the occasion for Positive Planet’s annual Gala Dinner, which has been held in Cannes every year since 2011. This event brings together many prestigious guests and focuses on our projects and actions. An auction is also held during the dinner, with profits going to Positive Planet projects. Since 2016, the Positive Cinema Awards ceremony has taken place during the dinner, where the year’s best positive films and directors are recognised and rewarded.


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